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Roofing Services in Bath
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Roof window Fitting Specialists
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BPC Roofing Services
are Roofing Contractors based in Timsbury, Bath in Somerset and also in Bathgate, West Lothian,Scotland and have been established since 1977.

BPC Roofing Services are members of The Federation of Master Trades & Craftsmen, FSB (The Federation of Small Businesses) and
Licenced Firestone Single Ply membrane Epdm Rubber Flat Roofing Systems Installers. We have an extensive client list too long too mention, but notable exceptions are Historic Scotland, Aspray Insurance Claims Management, Crummock Construction, Osprey Construction, Lloyds Building group and several Ministers of Parliament.

We pride ourselves on our professional approach, we will provide each customer with an honest appraisal of their roof accompanied with a
free no obligation estimate.


Call us today to discuss any problems or queries you may have regarding your property maintenance or for advice on any Building matters in Bath,Bristol & all Somerset areas from Re-roofing, Firestone Epdm a Single ply membrane flat roofing system which comes with a twenty year warranty, UPvc fascia and soffit replacement.

We do
Velux Roof windows Installations and Velux Sun tunnel fitters, Flat roofing domes & pyramids, a Copper ridge Roof moss Prevention system with free advice on any Roofing, Building, Insulation, Ventilation or Condensation problems.

Slate Roofing & Slate Roof Repairs in Somerset
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Single Ply Membrane Flat Roofing in Bristol, Bath & Somerset
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Building a new Loft Extension Dormer Roof in Bristol & Bath?

 Building a new Home Extension? In our experience roof dormers & waterproofing these dormer roofs to last a long time are one of the most problematic types of roofing projects a roofing company encounters, not only is there usually an Insulated flat roof, but vertical dormer windows, which to be waterproofed correctly have to be done in Lead and the hidden gutters in the perimeter also.
Building a new home extension? Many house extensions we encounter are built with roof pitches too shallow for the materials like slate or ordinary roof tiles, some Architects are not aware of this and we have changed roof specifications on many occasions after highlighting these issues.On two storey buildings or higher the height of the second storey window sills often determine the builders height for the home extension roof, meaning if your roof pitch is less than 22.5 degrees-in our considerable experience you will further down the road have roof problems manifesting as cracks in your ceiling, odd stains in the ceiling, cracks on walls or dark patches on walls & ceilings and these are just underlying roof problems only detected by experienced roofing professionals in Bristol & Bath areas.


Call us for prices on the above Metal & Fibre sheet types for all house extensions, new builds. Flat Roof Extensions & roof repairs


Roof Tiling in Bristol, Bath & Somerset
Roof tiling re-roofing dormer roofs bath bristol,somerset


Moss Problems on roof-Fix Copper Ridge
-A Moss on Roof kill system which prevents roof moss, lichen & fungi to grow on the materials waterproofing your property, this system when installed produces copper sulphate which is poisonous to the spores but safe for the environment
Slating & Roof Tiling in Bristol & Bath-From Welsh slate to Spanish slate we can re-roof or repair the roof on your property, we also use roof tiles from Marley,Redland, Sandtoft and Forticrete Centurian -a roof tile which can be installed on as little as a 10 degree roof pitches and Cedar Shingles Fixed.
Metal Sheet Roofing, Supalite, Metrotile, Decra Sheet Roof Sheets, Fibre Cement Sheet, Asbestos Sheeting In Bristol & Bath

Call us for prices on the above Metal & Fibre sheet types for all lightweight roofing materials for house extensions, new builds. flat roof extensions, dormer roofs & corrugated roof repairs.

Responsible Property Maintenance

The roofing and guttering on any property must be maintained and kept in a good condition to enable a property to remain waterproof. Leaking roof coverings can lead to expensive repairs to the rafter arms, timbers and any decorative finishes, which will deteriorate rapidly in wet/damp conditions.

Different types of
roof coverings have varying life spans. The materials used, the quality of the workmanship and the exposure to the local elements will all be contributing factors to the effective lifespan of the roof.

You may only realise that a roof repairis needed when stains on the ceiling are noticed in a room after rainfall.
This indicates that the
rainwater is leaking into the roof space.

Always repair
water damage as soon as possible to stop further rain damaging more of the the property.

BPC Roofing Services are experts at roof repairs in Bath area & roofing repairs near Bristol area.

Roofing Terminology and Potential Roof Problems

CHIMNEYS: Chimney stacks should be checked regularly for any potential problems. By keeping an eye on their condition or change of condition, repairs can be carried out as soon as they are needed, preventing further dampness penetrating into the structure of the chimney.

Flashings are used around the base of the chimney stack to seal and weatherproof the stack to the roofing surface. It is also used where a roof meets a wall or around a dormer window. It can be a mortar, tiled or metal flashing, such as lead, zinc or copper. Metal flashing is available in sections, made for use around chimney stacks or can be supplied in rolls, of varying widths and materials.

The purpose of guttering is to effectively channel rainwater from the roof towards a downpipe which in then carries it down to ground level and then into the drainage system. This system helps to stop the walls of the house becoming saturated and causing problems with dampness. Have your guttering and downpipes inspected and cleaned annually.

Do not leave missing slates or roof tiles. We complete emergency roof repairs in Bristol,Bath, Somerset & Southwest in general

Flat Roofing in Bath Area, Somerset
Flat roofs in Bath single ply rubber roofs warm roofs insulated roof
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Roofing Contractors in Bath

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