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Copper Ridge-Prevent Moss on Roofs,Kill Roof Moss,Roof Cleaning,Roof Moss Prevention

The growth of Moss on roofs has reached unprecedented levels in many parts of the United Kingdom today. It creates a dull and dirty appearance which can also reduce the value of your home.

There are differing professional opinions on whether Roof Moss is a problem apart from looking unsightly. We have been Installing Copper Ridge on buildings for nearly 20 years, from large Mansion houses & properties to ex council houses and Community housing estates and we have seen the damage which Moss, fungus & lichen can cause, especially when there are freezing conditions.

Roofing materials like Roof tiles, Slates, Cement and Asbestos all become dull and weakened by moss growth, even the thinnest layer is a problem because it acts like a sponge, absorbing water, which increases the weight and stress on the roof, shortening its productive life.
Frost damage
is another problem when there is moss on your roof as its so full of water, it Freeze's and can push the Roof tiles/Slates up and crack or break them.

Roof Moss Prevention Southwest England
Copper Ridge Prevents Roof Moss on Cedar Shingles

Much of todays unprecedented spread of Roof Moss can be traced to the Clean Air Act which reduced the output of Sulphur (which is poisonous to moss) into the atmosphere via coal and fossil burning power stations, or fossil fuel fires and leaded fuel, Roof Moss which would have been previously killed off by this sulphur in the atmosphere now requires direct action to prevent its spread.

Roof cleaning measures such as power washing can remove or roughen the surface of the roofing material, reducing the intended productive life of the roof. At best it is a messy, temporary solution which would need to be repeated frequently. This procedure is hazardous to roofing materials & we have seen literally dozens of broken roof tiles after a roof has been Power washed.

Copper ridge Installed in Bath Area, Copper ridge installed in Bristol Area and Copper ridge installed in Somerset & Wiltshire

DO NOT POWER WASH YOUR ROOF!  It causes lots of damage!!!!!


                                                                     HOW WE CLEAN MOSS FROM ROOFS
We first cover your rainwater outlets & spray an environmentally friendly ingredient(A COMPANY SECRET) onto your roof  surfaces, which we will divulge to you should  you wish to research the product further, then with stiff brushes we complete the Roof Moss removal proceedure, we then clean all your guttering & remove the rainwater covers.
We then fix our specially fabricated 99.9% quality Copper Ridge to your properties ridge system.
The Copper Ridge-ing starts working quickly but gets better and better the older & more green in colour the copper turns, producing more diluted copper sulphate over the roof.

Copper Ridge the natural solution to roof moss prevention.

Copper Ridgeing-A unique product, originally invented in Scotland, It consists of a shaped strip of 99.9% pure copper which is fitted in two metre lengths along the roof edge;s by stainless steel or Copper fixings.

When fitted on a clean roof the Copper Ridge will prevent Roof moss by exposure to air and water which causes the copper to oxidise, creating Copper Sulphate which runs down the length of your roof in the rain water. This is deadly to moss spores and will therefore keep your roof free from moss. This effect is obvious under copper overflow pipes or lead flashings under chimneys.

Copper Ridge! The very best and most natural alternative for Roof moss prevention, just say "No" to repetitive and dangerous Powerwash roof cleaning, putting an end to roof moss, algae and lichen on your roof.

Roof Moss Killer,Copper Ridge & Copper Valley Installed, Bath, Bristol, Somerset

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